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LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC)
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LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC)

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Steve Hassenplug site about GBC (great ball contraption). He shows the guidelines for how to build a GBC module. There are some great video's of interesing GBC modules. The Great Ball Contraption ( GBC) is a concept invented by Team Hassenplug: set up some kind of standardized interface for LEGO® based modules to enable them to interact, in this case to pass a ball. Based on this standard, LEGO® builders distributed all over the world are able to build their particular modules to take part in this special kind of LEGO Oriented Architecture (LOA). There exists a set of these modules already, mainly in the United States. The intention of this page is to further a Central Europe based GBC.
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Philippe E. Hurbain's page about GBC LEGO modules. He made some great modules: Hailfire wheels, Sweeper, Shovel, Jigsaw, Black Wave, Ball pump and Archimede Screw.
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Kugelbahn is a German site (by Jürgen Kintscher) about rolling Ball Sculptures (RBS). He shows many interesting ideas for LEGO GBC.
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Matthias's Marble LEGO Machines page. (GBC and roling ball sculptures). The Marble Machines are complicated and ingenious, but utterly useless pieces of toy machinery that automate the process of playing with marbles. With toys like these, mankind is free to pursue more productive ends, while leaving the playing with marbles to his trusty automated machine servants.
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David Schilling shows pictures of a GBC Crate robot.
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Roy Nelson shows pictures of GBC modules at Brickself.
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Brian Alano pages at Lugnet about GBC
8   Link
LEGO Roadshow 2003 Seattle, with picture of nice GBC modules
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Pictures of GBC modules at the Hassenplug club.
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Cooperative Cybernetic Crate Contraption is based on RCX mindstorms.
11   Link
GBC index at Lugnet
12   Link
GBC lessons learned, discuse ball handeling, crate size and crate shape.
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Matthias Paul Scholz's GBC LEGO page.
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Robotikarekin Jolasean (spanish site)offer some GBC modules.
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The is a conglomeration of other websites that all share a common theme: Lego Technic or Mindsorms creations that all have a single task in mind - moving balls around! This site is an initiative of Bunnie Cleland, David Hurley and Steve Hassenplug.
16   Link pages about the GBC with video's from the GBC display at Fana'briques and Brickworld and a LEGO version of an old "marble logic" computer DigiComp II (DC II) by Brian Davis.
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David Koudys page with GBC ball pump modules.
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Pictures of the GBC by the French LEGO Users Group (FreeLUG).
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Jul shows pictures of GBC modules at Brickself.
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M Bellis GBC Ball lifting reservoir and modular ball run modules.
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